Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Off - Travel to Melbourne

Off to the airport at noon for our 2pm flight. Land in Melbourne with no problems and make it to the hotel by about 4:30. Not nearly as hot here as I was expecting. Good thing, too, because the air conditioner in my room sucks. Not worth changing rooms, but not worth a shit, either.

I met up with some of the guys in the lobby and off we went to Spleen, my fave bar here. Oh, heartbreak, they were closed for the holiday weekend. Arrrrghhh!

Instead, we wound up at an outdoor table at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, the pub on the corner. Various crew joined at various times – Robert, Molly, Sooner, Spragoo, Robert Collins, etc. I met some cool local folks – props to Emma and Melanie.

Around 10:30, Sooner (our LD) and I had had enough, so we went around the corner to the curry shop and got takeaway to take back to our rooms. I got the Aloo Gobi Masala, and it kicked my ass. Lights out around 1am. I get to sleep in until 8 in the morning.

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