Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Show Day in Sydney, Australia

Tonight was one of the 2 "one-off" shows we're doing here in Australia. Meaning that they're not Big Day Out Festival shows - just Rage Against The Machine and an opening act.

We're playing the Sydney Entertainment Center, or SEC for short. Not too large of an arena, but the point of the show was to do something a bit more intimate for the fans than a gigantic 55,000-plus show like the one we're doing here on Friday.

Still, we sold out the 10,850 seats in just a few minutes the day the show went onsale. Poof, gone just like that.

I watched the first 3-4 songs tonight and took a few photos.

Came back out and watched the last song of the set, and then the 2-song encore. I tell ya what, I have never been to or seen a show where not one single person left before the band came out to play the encore. I was out at the front of house mix position and could see the entire crowd from there. No one, I mean no one, came walking down from their seats to exit the building. I was speechless.

It's amazing to watch the crowd when Rage is onstage. The last song of the night is "Killing In The Name" and it's just in-fucking-sane. Tonight, while they were playing it, I got goose bumps head-to-toe for the first time in my life. I mean, ever. It was intense!

After we all got back to the hotel following the show, we (a bunch of crew folks and one bandmember) all went across the street to Jackson's, our adopted bar for the week. We're staying at the Four Season's Hotel right by Sydney Harbour, practically in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Jackson's door is maybe 80 feet from the hotel entrance.

I met a whole bunch of interesting people tonight, and had a great time. The lights finally came on and we pretty much got tossed out around 4am.

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