Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel Day to New Zealand

I've been insanely busy lately. I actually stayed out on the R. Kelly tour right up to the end, splitting at 5pm on the day of the last show, which was in Richmond on Friday the 11th.

Left the wrap-up in the very capable hands of my friend Janet Taylor. She can handle the accounting aspects of it with her eyes closed. No way I could stay and finish because I was previously committed to another tour.

So, anyway…

Got home Friday night and met Paige & Greg, Jeff & Kim, and Ossie for dinner at Bonefish Grill. Afterwards, I hit Northside, my neighborhood old man bar, to catch up on neighborhood scuttlebutt.

Saturday, I was up and running by 7:30. Had a million errands to run, then had a 6pm show to go to – Mike Farris, who was amazing – then ran downtown to see the Nevers at Slim's.

Sunday was crazy busy, too. Got done with everything just in time for Paige to pick me up and drive me to the airport. Flew to LA, where I'm still sitting in my room. I'm at the Radisson LAX as I write this, but I'm leaving to go to the terminal momentarily.

We've got an 8:30pm flight to Auckland, New Zealand to start the tour. I'm going out with Rage Against The Machine for a month.

What I really want is some time at home. One day off between tours just isn't enough time. The good news is that I have 4 weeks off when I return in mid-February.

I'll try to get back to some regular blogging while I'm Down Under. And some good photos, too.

Check back soon!

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