Sunday, April 8, 2007

Travel Day - Heading Home

Up at 7, feeling like a million bucks because I never made it to the aftershow party last night. I meet Blaine in the lobby around 8:30 and we run into Frenchie the caterer at the front desk.

Fifteen minutes later we're at the airport, where Blaine and I head immediately for Satan's World. Uh, I mean Starbucks.

My security line is already about 500 feet long, so we say goodbye, see ya in Europe, and each head to our gate areas. It takes me the better part of 30 minutes to make it through my security checkpoint, then I spend another 10 minutes in the scanner area.

I'm flying Southworst Airlines today, for the first time in 7 years. I fucking hate them. Cattle-call bullshit. I can't stand having to sit on the plane while it loads. I want to be the last guy getting on, go straight to my RESERVED seat, then have them close the doors and take off.

The only good thing I can say about this flight is that I checked in online yesterday and got in the "B" boarding group, so at the very least, I still had my choice of seats, albeit towards the rear of the plane. I snagged an aisle and settled in for the next 4 hours. Not a single empty seat on the flight, but at least the dude next to me is cool. We chat for a few minutes before we both slip into our respective iPod worlds.

On the ground in Raleigh around 6pm, Paige comes out to pick me up. Drop bags at my house, then we head off to Mura (at North Hills) to me her friend Nikki for sushi. After some good bait, a few Buds, and a double shot of Patron Silver, I'm good to go. Paige drops me back by the house and I start to unpack. Next thing I know, it's nearly 2am, so off I go to Pillowville…

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