Saturday, April 28, 2007

Perfect Day

I just don't see how today could be any more of a perfect day than it is.

The weather is beautiful. The forecast calls for a high of 76 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. I'm in the kitchen making a big 'ol batch of my killer guacamole. The whole house smells of garlic. Listening to the Beatles, the Stones, the Faces, the Black Crowes, and Rod Stewart (70's stuff only from poor pathetic Rod – what an embarrassment he's become since then…).

No plans for tonight. For about a second, I thought about going to see 38 Special at the RBC Center, where they're opening up for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams, Jr., but I really just don't feel like it. I'll probably spend the night on the deck or the porch.

Not sure how many folks are coming for Quesadilla Night tonight. I'm also not sure how much I care. If it's one, none, or a dozen, it's all fine with me.

Tom & Jen and their baby Graylin came by about 7. Graylin was born during the first week of January and is just adorable. And well behaved.

Carina made it around 8 or so.

Just a chill night out on the deck, enjoying the beautiful night weather, until Carina mentioned that Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kicking Team were playing tonight. Yay!!!! Turns out the gig was just booked yesterday when another band pulled out. The bad news is that the gig's at Tir na Nog, not a very band friendly place. Most of the people that go there don't go to see the band, don't give a crap about them, and are just generally a bunch of rude, uppity, meat-market morons. But hey, as soon as a real rock band starts playing good music, a bunch of 'em oughta leave quick.

Tom, Jen & Graylin headed out around 9, so Carina and I moved to the front porch for the next couple of rounds.

We headed downtown around 10. Hung out with Terry and Jack for a while before they cranked it up around 10:30 for the first of 2 sets of excellent rock and roll. Drank a bunch of beer and had a great time. Got home around 1:30 and off to bed…

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Lucas said...

Hey there,
I randomly found your blog and wanted to say howdy. I work on the road as well and grew up in NC. I'm always up for networking out on the road. Would love to stay in touch.