Saturday, April 7, 2007

Show Day in Las Vegas

Rolled into the MGM Grand Hotel around 6am. Settle up some final receipts with the 2 band bus drivers, then head up to my room, where I read yesterday's paper and talked to some folks in NC, 3 time zones away. Headed downstairs to the gig around 10, where I had 4 very pissed-off crew bus drivers waiting for me. They weren't mad at me – they were mad at the production manager Lyle. Of course, I had to listen to it. I won't go into the details here, but I've been told by the powers that be that these 4 won't be coming back when our US tour resumes in July, following our European adventures.

The rest of the day went more smoothly, although I never saw another lick of daylight.

Josh decided a day or two ago to throw a party tonight, yet another end-of-tour soiree. It's at Studio 54 in the MGM casino complex, immediately following our show. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to attend or not, but when Blaine and I didn't finish the show settlement until well after midnight, I figured I best just go to my room upstairs.

Walked in my room about 12:45 and had a change of heart, so off I went to Studio 54. Took about 15 minutes to walk there, cuz these Vegas hotels are absolutely h-u-g-e.

There must been about 50 losers hanging around by the velvet rope at the club entrance. Guess they didn't meet the doorman's criteria for entry. We've got a big private room inside, so I won't have a problem at the door.

I had a couple of wristbands that would allow me to waltz right past all of them, even though I was still in my roadie work clothes – cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. But as I approach the rope, my ears are assaulted by the unbelievably LOUD music emanating from the club. Always that horrible boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss-boom-sss stuff. That shit annoys the hell out of me.

A quick chat with the door guy reveals that it's that loud throughout the club, including our private area.

I do a 180 and head back to my room, arriving there around 1:20. In bed 10 minutes later.

Gotta be up at 7. Flying home tomorrow…

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