Friday, April 13, 2007

At Home

Another morning at the gym. Damn legs are sore, but they start to feel better as soon as I hit the treadmill. Only ran 2 miles today and walked a little over 2.

Dinner with some friends tonight at the Ale House. Me, Paige, the Mac's, and the Beal's.

After dinner, I went downtown to see the Daughtry show at the Lincoln Theater. My buddy Shabba (who was the tour manager for the All-American Rejects) is the TM for the band. Hung around outside talking to him and some other crew guys I knew (Whassup, Rock!!!!) for about 40 minutes, then went inside and grabbed a beer to watch the show. Stood at the mix position with Shabba, but left after 5 songs. Gotta get up early to go to the beach with Paige, Beth, and Terry…

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