Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day Off in Los Angeles

Today was my last day off here in LA. Did the usual for breakfast. (You know…)

Around 1:30, I decided to walk up to the Sunset Strip. Needed the exercise and also I've been here for 6 days now and still haven't eaten at Poquito Mas, the place with the world's best burritos. I always get the Grilled Ahi Tuna Burrito, which is unbelievable. I got there by hoofing up La Cienega, which has an absolute killer of a hill the last 1200 feet or so before you get to Sunset. I ran 2½ miles the other day on the treadmill, yet just walking up this sumbitch kicks my ass.

Walking down Sunset, all the beautiful people are having lunch. You can sometimes spot somebody famous walking down the street, but I didn't recognize anyone today.

I grabbed my burrito and took another route back to the hotel, this time walking on San Vicente, which hits Sunset 1 block west of the Viper Room, if you know where that is.

So about ½ mile later, I'm slowly closing in on what's seems to be a gorgeous blonde – about 6 feet tall, model-skinny, blonde hair almost to her butt – walking down the sidewalk in front of me. Long, long legs, teetering on high heels. Struggling a bit, though, as she's carrying a small, but heavy-looking duffel in each hand. Looks like she's heading toward some parked cars near Santa Monica Blvd. Guess I should be a gentleman and offer to carry one or both of them for her. If I only carry one, she'll be all lop-sided. LOL…

So as I come up on her, imagine my surprise to find out she's a dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude looked like a lady!!!!!!!!

Holy crap.

And fugly, too.

Chilled out in my room during the evening. My bus isn't leaving for Fresno until 8am tomorrow, but because I don't want to get to the gig at 2pm, I jump on Blaine's bus and bum a ride. We leave LA around 1am…

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