Thursday, April 5, 2007

Day Off in San Diego

The bus stopped in LA around 4am this morning to drop off a couple of band guys who wanted to spend the day at home, rather than down here in San Diego. I slept right through the commotion of the bus stopping and them getting their stuff and getting off.

Woke up at 7, and hung out in the front lounge with my driver Mike and Josh's driver Rick Foote. All the other drivers call him Footie. Funny guy. We were just swapping stories and laughing like a bunch of kids. Talking about being cheap out on the road, Rick told Footie I was tighter than a G-string on a sumo wrestler. I admitted that the other day in LA, I cut the $2 off coupons for Quizno's out of the Sunday paper, so I guess he's right.

After I tossed my stuff into the room, I wandered off to hit the Starbucks 3 blocks away. Holy shit!!!!!! I have never in my life seen so many people standing in line at a 'bucks before. I was like the 23rd person in line. The bad news was that I just HAD to have it. The good news was that the line was flying.

After my latte and scone, I went back and hung out in my room. Downloaded last night's episode of "Lost" so I could watch it.

Today we're at the W Hotel in San Diego. I usually like staying at W's. Not to be confused with Westin's, which are pretty nice, too. One thing I really like about this room is the window area, seen here:

I took a nice hour-long nap laid out on that big comfy cushion you see there.

The shower in this room, however, leaves much to be desired. It's very Euro-style. Which can be good or bad. In this case, bad. Here's what I'm talking about:

No shower curtain, just a glass wall that covers only about 60% of the shower area, leaving one hell-of-a-lot of open space for me to fling water all over the bathroom.

Which I do.

In abundance.

Whenever a hotel is stupid enough to use a shower enclosure like this, I'll just be damned if I'll contort myself in any way to try to keep the water from flying around and out. Also, because the showerhead itself is kinda low, I have to point it outward rather than down, pretty much guaranteeing that the entire bathroom gets flooded.

One cool feature of the (semi) enclosure is the reach-in porthole so you can turn on the water before stepping in. For me, though, it's another spot for water to cascade out. Whenever I stand directly in the stream of the shower, the water bounces right off of me and straight out the hole onto the toilet and the floor. The porthole:

Seriously. How stupid of a shower design is this?

Oh, yeah, today is the last day off of the tour. We've got a show here in San Diego tomorrow and a show in Las Vegas on Saturday. Then we all fly home on Sunday.

About 7:30, I went to the Karl Strauss Brewery, located on the backside of the block from the hotel. Need a beer. Dennis and Ivan join me about an hour later for dinner.

I'm back in my room by 10pm. Watch some TV and it's lights out a little after 11…

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