Friday, August 25, 2006

Game Day in New York City

Awesome. I'm finally doing Madison Square Garden.

Bummer. I'm doing Madison Square Garden with a damn basketball tour instead of a rock band.

The best news: last game of the tour. I'm going home from this shit tomorrow!!!!!

My buddy Chris Sheridan is flying in today to drive back down to NC with me. With flying being a PITA (pain in the ass) these days, I figured I'd just rent a car and drive home instead. We're gonna just mosey down the coast and stay overnight in Chincoteague, VA. Sounds like fun to me.

Got confirmed on my next gig this afternoon. I'll be out for 12 weeks with a band called The All-American Rejects. I actually like their music.

I split after the game and meet Chris a couple of blocks down 7th Avenue from the hotel. He's got a table outside some bar and is sitting with a couple of crazy and cute lesbian chicks. Major drinking in progress. I jump right in. Big fun!

Somehow wind up back at the hotel later…

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