Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day Off in New York City

Another day off in my all-time favorite city. Yay!!!!!!

Kinda bummed today. That gig I alluded to a couple of days ago might be getting squirrelly. The business manager emailed me with their salary offer. A bit on the insufficient side, I'd say. Maybe I don't want that gig, after all. I'll send my counter offer soon…

Rains a bit today, which keeps me in the room most of the day. Around 7pm, I head out to meet my friend CJ and her husband Bjorn for dinner. I want to take the subway, but to get from here to that part of the East Village is a 3-train, 2-changes pain-in-the-ass. So I jump a cab, instead. I'm running late, got in the cab at 8:20 and I'm supposed to meet them all the way down on Avenue A in 10 minutes. Guess I'm gonna be late.

But, no! Seems I got into a cab driven by an aspiring Formula One driver. He is driving like a bat out of hell. I say nothing, just hold on tight. Maybe he'll get me there on time. Besides, I've paid more than this for a ride at an amusement park that's not nearly as fun.

I arrive one minute late, but I beat CJ and Bjorn there. Dinner was great. We ate at a place in the East Village called the Flea Market Bistro. French food.

Afterwards, they headed to the Mercury Lounge to see some band and I walked about 45 minutes uptown, in the direction of my hotel.

I was walking on 7th St. going past McSorley's Old Ale House when an idiot frat-boy-looking dude came out the door and just EXPLODED with puke. Glad I was on the other side of the street.

Finally jumped a cab for the rest of the journey back to my hotel.

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