Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day Off in Norfolk

Talk about a lazy day. Did much of nada. Really can't tell where the time went. My buddy Foy told me about some cool stuff to do all around the area, but I couldn't seem to get motivated enough to do anything today

Got another job opp thrown my way today. Threw them a resume, they came back looking for my salary range. Good gig with a popular band, but again, I don't wanna say who it is yet, lest I jinx it.

Take a walk during the afternoon and wind up over at the Norfolk/Southern Railway building a couple of blocks from the hotel. My dad worked for the company his whole life, from the age of 15 on. He died the day he retired, at 59.

Just off the lobby, there's a N/S museum, which I wander around in for an hour or so, learning all sorts of stuff about the history and mechanics of railroading. There's even a locomotive cockpit simulator where after going around the circuit once with the computer controlling the train, on the second go-round, YOU operate the controls and drive the train. Pretty cool. I'm sure after I tell my brother Bill about this, he'll immediately drive down from Richmond to check it out.

The museum's not a really popular place. I'm only the 4th person to sign in, and it's 3 in the afternoon. An employee stops by while I'm in the simulator to welcome me, then gives me a couple of hats and other souvenirs. I thank him, even though I don't really want them. I figure I'll send them to my brother, who's a way bigger train nut than I'll ever be.

Watched TV in my room for my evening entertainment…

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