Monday, August 14, 2006

Day Off in Norfolk

Laundry Day!

After googling my options, I grab a cab and head out. Wind up at a killer coin laundry. What's so cool about it? Air-conditioning, Starbucks a block away, a bunch of restaurants, and lots of pedestrian traffic, so I can indulge in a couple of hours of people watching. I'm in a cool neighborhood called Ghent, which is not too terribly unlike Five Points back in Raleigh.

Amazing older houses, stupid expensive according to some folks I talked to. If I lived in Norfolk, this is exactly the neighborhood I'd want to live in. Probably couldn't afford to buy, but I'd rent here in a heartbeat.

Got contacted about a fall gig today. Don't wanna say anything, lest I jinx it.

Chilled out in my room most of the afternoon. Around 5:30, I head next door to sit on the patio at Outback and watch the afternoon traffic flow by (cars and people). Read the Washington Post and enjoy a few beers. What great weather! It's probably 82 degrees and very low humidity.

Back in my room around 8:30.

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