Saturday, March 25, 2006

Show Day in Clearwater

Woke up at the venue. Today were at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL, in the Tampa Bay area. Nice, newly-renovated hall. Best catering of the tour so far. Lunch was so good that by 3pm, I'm ready for a sissy-nap. That's what we call the naps that people take in the middle of the day. Usually it's the folks who stay up way late on the bus and have lots of free time in the afternoon. The same fuckers who keep people awake late at night with their drinking and noise making. I've been wearing earplugs on the bus for years, so they don't really bother me – I can pass right on out. But if you have to go take a nap in the middle of the day, we think you're a sissy…

Needless to say (I love when people say that – if it's really "needless to say", then why the hell are you saying it?), no nap for me. I take a walk instead. Run into Carlton, our monitor engineer on the way out, and he joins me. We walk about half a mile away to the shopping center, and hit the smokeshop so he can buy a carton of cigarettes. I've been trying to convince him for about a week that he should try a cigar sometime. He likes to drink brandy and I think he'd enjoy it. The smokeshop has a large humidor room, so we peruse their selection and the salesman helps Carlton pick out a few. I used to puff the occasional Partagas cigar, mostly to annoy the hell out of other people, but no way in hell I would now.

The rest of the day is pretty routine. Just trying to get home at this point.

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