Monday, March 27, 2006

Day Off in Raleigh

Yay! A day off at home. I woke up on the bus about 10 miles outside of Raleigh around 7:00. We're at the hotel and I'm in my room around 7:30. We're staying at the Embassy Suites at the corner of Creedmoor and Glenwood. Our production manager is completely bonkers for P.F. Chang's, so this is the area he always stays in when he comes to Raleighwood.

I grab a quick breakfast and call Greg Howard, who lives 5 minutes away and has graciously offered to give me a ride to my apartment. By 8:30, I've got a load of laundry going and I sit down to catch up on the "24" episodes I've been Tivo'ing.

Greg brought me a big bag of mail to deal with. For years all of my mail has been going to my friend Paige's house and she pays my bills and stuff while I'm on the road. Which is a complete godsend for me, as I otherwise would have no one to look after things for me. So anyway, Paige and Greg met a few years ago and are now married, which is why he showed up with the sack 'o stuff.

Around lunchtime I head over to check progress on the house. The flooring company replanked the 2nd bedroom and a bit of the living room a few weeks ago, and I want to check it out before they start the sanding and refinishing, which they are supposed to start on tomorrow.

So here's what it looks like today…

I run around and do some other errands – hit 2 banks, the post office, and stick my head in at my Starbucks at Cameron Village. Two of my girls there ask me how the tour's going. I also have to run back out to the hotel because I forgot the FedEx package I have to get out today.

Drop the FedEx at the Kinko's by NC State, and run into Schoolkids Records to buy a few CD's.

Back at the house, I repack and catch up on some more home time. I also burn about 10-12 more CD's into my laptop. Always need fresh tunes.

Greg and Paige show up around 6:30 to pick me up for dinner. We're meeting some other folks at the Ale House. Everyone bails early, and I'm back at the hotel by 9. Fine by me, as I've gotta be up around 6am tomorrow morning.

A little tube, and off to sleepyville…

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