Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Show Day in Atlanta

Got up around 8:30. This Embassy Suites offers a free full breakfast until 9:30. I get dressed and head down, but there must be 50 people in line. Fuck that! I walk down the street to the CNN Center – there's a big old Starbuck's kiosk in the middle of the lobby/food court area. I grab a scone and a hot chocolate and do some people watching for an hour.

Back to the hotel and do some serious catching up on the blog. I post everything up through last night. I've got a couple of newspapers to read, too.

We're not gonna check out until 4:45 today to head back for night 2 at the Fox, so I've got a good chunk of time to kill. No way I’m sitting here until then, though. I'll probably cab it over to the venue so I can get started on my day. If I don't start until 5, I'll never get all my work done.

It's rainy and cold again here today. We have a day off in Miami tomorrow, then shows there on Thursday and Friday.

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