Friday, March 17, 2006

Show Day in Austin

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today we're in Austin, on the campus of the University of Texas, at the Bass Performance Hall.

The humongous South By Southwest Music Festival is going on here this weekend. I've got friends playing, and friends attending. Wish I had the day off. Terry Anderson played this afternoon with Walter Clevenger, a power-popper I like. And I’m stuck in a basement instead.

I decided to Zep out today. Listened to all 56 songs in my iTunes Library. It made my day go by in a more rockin' way. And that's important.

I gotta buy some Zep CD's and round out my collection. I could see myself sitting on the rear deck of my new house vegging out to some cool tunes. Here's the view of the back yard while I'm rocking and drinking a Bud…

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