Thursday, March 2, 2006

Day Off at Home

Nice to sleep in my own bed a few more nights before being gone for 10 weeks.

The TAO guys call mid-morning. Bad news. They can't get the starter they need until tomorrow morning. Not good. But that's life.

I jump online and rent a car from Enterprise. They'll come pick me up later (around 2:45) and take me to their office downtown to pick up the car.

Yay! Rolling again!

As soon as I get the car, I'm off to Home Depot to get some tools. Grab a hoe (ho-ho), two kinds of rakes, a shovel, a cultivator, a spade, and some work gloves. Geez, Louise, Mr. Homeowner! Head to the house to do some work.

Looks like I have gutters now:

Still no porch ceiling yet, though:

Gotta call the contractor.



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