Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day Off in Miami

The rooms weren't ready when we arrived at the hotel, so I take a walk for about 45 minutes to scope out the area. There's a huge shopping area across the street called Sawgrass Mills. It must be 5 times the size of Crabtree and all on one level, so there's a lot of walking to be done. They also have a massive restaurant plaza with a Cheesecake Factory, Legal Seafood (the best!), and a whole lot more. There's a 23 screen movie theater, so it's gonna be movie day for me.

Go back to the hotel. Everyone's off the bus and my key's the only one sitting on the table. Upstairs to grab a shower and check email, then I'm off to the 5:15 showing of Ultraviolet, the new Milla Jovovich movie. The theater is about a 25 minute walk from the hotel, so I leave plenty early. This is supposed to be big action, so that calls for a LARGE popcorn. I've got the entire theater to myself – love it.

The movie's a little cartoon-y, but I'd pay 6 bucks anyday just to look at Milla.

I check out a couple of restaurants afterwards, but decide to go back to the hotel and just grab a bite there. Catch a little TV, and lights out around 11…

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