Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Show Day in Quebec City (second of two)

Don't know how I did it, but I managed to sleep until 9 this morning. That's 7.5 hours, which is the most I've had in months. Throw back the curtains to some miserable weather. Evidently the leading edge of the storm that was Hurricane Katrina has arrived, and will be dumping rain on us for a couple of days.

Sit by the window and try to get caught up on newspapers. Still have half of a USA Today from the 26th, along with comics from 2 days ago, yesterday's entire paper, and this morning's.

Finish all that by noon, so I work for a while, then grab a shower and head down to start the check out around 2:15. Our bus call time to go to the venue is 3:00. The rain is blowing completely sideways as we make our way out of the hotel and load up the buses. Man, this weather sucks. One good thing, though, is that we're so far north that the temperature is to my liking.

I love it when we play 2 in a row at the same venue. I'll only be here today from 3:30pm until about 1:30am. Unfortunately, since we added this second date in Q.C., we've got hell to pay to get to Toronto on time tomorrow morning. It's a 500 mile drive and we've got about 7 hours to do it, which means we'll be late.

I'm done early, so I get caught up on all my blogging and websurfing. Heading to the bus around 1:40.

I'll be on the plane in 79 hours, 24 minutes…


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