Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day Off #1 in Philadelphia

The alarm screams my name at 11. I drag my butt outta bed. Starbucks 50 feet from the hotel entrance. Get a drink and a scone. Give 10 bucks to a crazy woman sitting on the sidewalk playing with an action figure. Even if she's faking, it's seems to be money well spent.

Back up to my room to read yesterday's USA Today, today's USA Today, Philly Enquirer, and the Wall Street Journal.

Try to check email – the damn ethernet cable's too short to reach the far side of my laptop (where the damn port it. Walk to Staples to buy an inline coupler so I can use my cable as an extension. Also hit the CVS for some stuff.

Spend about 4-5 hours working, finally leaving the hotel around 9pm to find some dinner (never had lunch, just the Starbucks). Don’t really feel like a sitdown, so I grab a sandwich at the Wa-Wa. That's a Philly Circle K, and they have made-to-order sandwiches on site. I'd like a couple of beers to take back to the room, but you can't buy beer in convenience stores in Pennsylvania. Oh, well, no biggie. Back in my room, I eat, watch the 11:00 news, read, and then fall asleep on the chaise lounge. Wake up around 1am and crawl into bed…

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