Friday, August 26, 2005

Show Day in Philadelphia

Up bright and early at 6:40, at the Starbucks at 7, back in my room reading the paper by 7:10…

Our show today is at the old and famous Spectrum in Philadelphia. It's now called the Wachovia Spectrum, but fuck 'em, it's the Spectrum. This venue shares a parking lot with the Phillies baseball stadium, the Eagles football stadium (where there's a game tonight), and the Wachovia Center (which is the building that replaced this one, and is where the Flyers play).

Take a walk around 4pm to get a picture or 2. I find some statues on display out front. Oh, shit, there's a statue of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky! Unbelievable – that is just so corny and these idiots have a fucking statue of him right out in front of the main entrance of the building:

There's also a statue of Julius Erving, also known as Dr. J. Now THAT one I get. He was an incredible athlete in his time, and some people will always consider him to be the best player ever in the NBA.

But a statue of fucking Rocky Balboa? What a joke.

Here's Dr. J…

It's official now – I've been offered the tour accounting gig on the upcoming Audioslave tour. Can't do it though, because that tour is 18 days in by the time I finish this tour. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Not much else to comment on today. Head to the bus around 1am…

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