Thursday, August 25, 2005

Day Off #2 in Philadelphia

Up at 8am, work until 9, head to Starbucks. Crazy lady with the action figure is there again. I guess this is her spot to get money from suckers like me. Get my scone & drink and head back to my room. Read the Enquirer, the WSJ and USA Today. Why don't they call it USA Yesterday? That would be more accurate.

Around 2, I head to the mall a block away. Hit the record store (they still have those in malls?) to buy a copy of System's latest – my brother needs an autographed copy for a co-worker. Wander the area for a while. Find a cool marketplace/restaurant area kinda like Pike Place Market in Seattle. Lots of lunch options.

I sit down at a place called Delilah's Country Cooking. I'm gonna have Cajun Catfish, with Candied Yams and Mac & Cheese. According to the sign up front, no less a Mac & Cheese authority than Oprah Winfrey has declared Delilah's to have the "BEST MACARONI AND CHEESE IN THE U.S.A." We'll see…

Shit!!! They're out of catfish. Nothing else on the menu is really pushing my buttons, so I head to Pearl's Oyster Bar because it seems to be very popular. No "R" in August, so I'm sure there won't be any oysters, but I'm sure they'll have something I can eat.

Sho'nuff, no oysters. I settle for a combo plate – flounder, shrimp, deviled crab, clams, etc., along with fries and coleslaw.

It's fucking awful. Really. What the hell is wrong with these people? I can't believe they're even in business. And these stupid fuckers lined up to eat here? They don't know shit about fried seafood. Really. I suffer through about 5 bites and leave it. I think if these people ever had real Calabash-style seafood, they'd think they'd died and gone to Heaven.

Pooch calls mid/late afternoon to remind me about having dinner with the audio crew tonight. We're meeting in the lobby at 6:30, not sure yet where we're going.

I read for awhile, then grab a shower and a 20 minute power nap. Meet the guys downstairs at 6:30. Just Pooch, David Coyle, Brett Stec and me are going. Jesse went home for the days off – so did Dan. Pooch has a line on a "killer" Chinese place. We walk about 4 blocks to the entrance of Philly's Chinatown, and another half-block to the place the concierge told him about.

I'm kinda in a drinking mood after not having anything last night, so the first beer goes down real easy. Me and Brett are the only ones drinking tonight. Seems everyone had a big night last night while I was laying low. Brett's still nursing a hangover, but he says he doesn't wanna make me drink alone. Hey, I've used that one before, too!

The food's good, but no better than the two places I get Chinese from in Raleigh. After dinner, we walk back to the hotel. Just before crossing the last street, I beg off. I've only had 2 beers and still have work to do. David and Brett's eyes light up, and decide to join me at the Independence Pub, near the hotel. We're only there for a round though, before we all decide to head back. Fours beers in, I call it quits for the night.

I'm in my room, in my PJ's, and reading by 9pm. Stop to work on the blog for a bit, then finish my evening with the book…

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