Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Show Day in Quebec City (first of two)

First of two show days here. We're at the Colisee Pepsi. That's French – if you can't figure out what it means, stop reading now and just kill yourself.

That's a joke.

Lighten up.

Yes, I've been drinking…

Not much to report today. But since we're doing two-in-a-row here, the crew doesn't have to load out, and I don't have to settle tonight. We order a bunch of pizzas, and get a couple of cases of beer on ice for the production office. I watch my now customary first 2 songs of our set, even drag Janet out of the office to see 'em for the first time, then it's back to the office for the funk music fest and a few beers.

Show's over just before 11, we're on the bus heading to the hotel by 11:40. Head down to the bar with a shitload of crew folks, but I’m just not into hanging out tonight. I have a couple of beers, and I'm back in my room by 1am.

I'll be on my flight home in 104 hours. Time's just not moving fast enough for me.


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