Monday, August 17, 2009

Travel Day to Bergen, Norway

Got in my bunk around 4am last night. Up at 9 sharp, not that I wanted to be. Went up front to see the sights and was told by the driver that we were travelling through Sweden at the moment.

Then came the rain.

Hit a service stop a few hours later. That's Jim Ude, one of our riggers, contemplating the nuggets, hotdogs, hamburgers and other assorted goodies.

Meanwhile, inside the store the burger stand was attached to, you have a wide variety of European chocolates and other goodies.

Cool bridge along the way, somewhere in Sweden.

Later, as we made it to the Norweigian border.

Finally pulled up to the hotel at 1:30am. Freakin' TWENTY-ONE-AND-A-HALF hours trapped on the submarine.

Oh, yeah, this is livin' the dream…

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