Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Production Day in Bergen, Norway

Today started slow because most of our office cases were still on the trucks, to I snapped a couple of photos and messed around on the computer while waiting for them.

Tomorrow show is being held in downtown Bergen (on museum grounds), about two blocks from our hotel. Our stage, under construction.

I even got time to go through some more of the photos from yesterday's long drive to get here…

Quick, follow that bus.

Traveling through the mountains, there was actually some snow up on the hills.

Seems that the mountain folks here in Norway have some sort of fascination with trolls. One of the places we stopped had quite a collection of them, both on display and for sale.

Had to sit at a road repair/construction spot for a few minutes, so the smokers piled out of the bus for a ciggie and a couple of us got off to shoot photos. The stream by the road.

One of our carpenters, Minh, with the flagperson.

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