Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day Off in Miami

Made it to Miami early afternoon. Only my bus came down here. The production manager, riggers, carpenters and stage manager are doing the cross-load of all the Europe-bound gear here. The other three buses went to Washington DC so the rest could fly over today (we'll fly tomorrow).

I went out to walk around the neighborhood and 'bout died. It musta been 100 freakin' degrees and the humidity was waaay up there. Gladly went back to my room and would have spent the rest of the night there, except Julie and Tiffany called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them.

Off to the mall we went. It was about 10 minutes away by cab, and the place was absolutely packed! Nutso! Realizing full well that I probably haven't been in any mall on a Saturday night in a bazillion years, I was still stunned at how many people were there.

We ate at a Sushi restaurant that was really good, and then the girls spent some time shopping while I lolligagged around, just people-watching.

Grabbed a cab back to the hotel, where I retired to my room and finished off the bottle of wine I'd been given by the hotel manager upon arrival. I'd started it this afternoon, and now I was on a mission…

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