Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Day in Charlotte

My sister Donna and her gang came out tonight. Also, my old buddy from my record store days in the 70's, Chris Pittman with his lovely wife, who is also named Donna.

Another friend from way back, Pete Davis (no relation) couldn't make it, but his girlfriend and 3 of her friends came out. On top of that, I got a mid-afternoon phone call from a girl I dated in the 70's, who said she was coming to the show with her 16 year-old son.

But wait, there's more…

Kim Whitford, wife of Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford, came out with two of her friends.

So once again, I spent time running around, making sure everyone got passes and good seats and knew where the Friends & Family room was located.

Crazy night, and when it was over and all my peeps had split, we found out that our show in Tampa on Sunday was being cancelled. That meant that tonight was our last show before heading to Europe. Bummer, I really needed that workday in Tampa to finish off some work.

Oh, well, we roll with it…

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