Saturday, April 1, 2006

Show Day in Memphis

Woke up just before 4am when the driver cranked up the engine to head to Memphis. Woke up again around 7 when both drivers couldn't find the gig. I sleep OK out on the open highway, but as soon as Easy starts doing the old "gas, brake, gas, brake" routine, it wakes me up. I could really use some more sleep, but I ain't gonna get it today.

I sit up front with Easy and get the 50 cent tour of Memphis as he sorts out the bum directions he's been given. I tell ya, he is one funny, funny guy.

Finally met the boss tonight. Spoke with him for about, oh, about 2.3 seconds. That's that for the tour, I guess.

Uneventful show. Promoter has not one fucking clue in the world as to what he's doing, but that's a story that's too long to talk about here…

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