Saturday, April 22, 2006

Show Day in Detroit

Playing today at the Fox Theatre here in Detroit. My first show here was back in 1993, when I was tour managing Cry Of Love. We were opening for Robert Plant at the time in the US, and then toured Europe with him, too.

After the show, Gratton and I go to a bar down the street. I almost never go drinking after a show. This is only the second time in 33 shows that I've gone out afterwards. The other time was at home in Raleigh, when I dragged some crew folks up the street Slim's, a Raleigh rock 'n roll dive bar.

So anyway, this bar we go to is pretty wild. Every woman in the place is two things: gorgeous and drunk. We grab a couple of stools at the bar and get to work. I'm sticking to beer, he's all about Petron (sp?) and beer. The 3 bartenders are all babelicious. And friendly. They're knocking backing shots with some of the customers. One of them (the blonde) pretty much keeps her hand in her crotch the whole time. Wild young crowd – chicks kissing chicks, etc.

(unmentionable description of events over the next 60 minutes)

We make it back to the bus around 2:30. I put my drunk ass into my bunk.

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