Thursday, April 6, 2006

Day Off in Boston

We arrived at the hotel right at 5am. Everybody on the bus made A LOT OF NOISE as they gathered their belongings to go to their rooms. No way I'm getting out of my bunk to grab a suitcase and go upstairs. Why on earth would I want to do that? It's not like the bus has to leave – it's parked directly behind the hotel. I'm gonna sleep right here.

Well, except for getting up to turn off the fucking TV in the front lounge, which some moron has got tuned to a news channel and has turned EVEN LOUDER THAN THE OTHER NOISE THEY'VE ALL BEEN MAKING. And some other moron made sure to leave the door to the bunk area open so there's no escaping it. I've even got earplugs in, but there's no way to sleep due the volume.

Talk about rude. Makes me want to kick somebody's ass.

I wake up around 8 and head in. Read a couple of papers, have lunch, blog, shower.

My buddy Dennis Brennan arrives around 7. He's taking me to Legal Seafood for dinner and beers. DB is Disturbed's tour manager, and has been a good friend for years. Good food, lotta beer, and a good time catching up on stuff.

After dinner, we head back to my hotel and have a few more beers in the bar. He splits around 11:30 and I head up for the night.

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