Sunday, April 2, 2006

Day Off in Pittsburgh

Happy Birthday, Donna!!! (My sister's 49 today.)

Lost 2 hours last night – one due to Daylight Savings Time, and one due to changing time zones.

Woke up on the bus just before 8. I'm the only one awake for about 4 hours, which is cool.

We get to the hotel in Pittsburgh at 2. I'm on my second beer as I step off the bus to head to my room. As soon as I drop my bag, I head to the restaurant for some racing, some beer, and some lunch. The restaurant in the lobby of the Westin here is the Original Fish Market, which is Pittsburgh's premier seafood restaurant. Great stuff – seafood and a sushi bar together.

Finish the race in my room, then grab a 20 minute nap. Phone wakes me up – everyone's down in the restaurant for dinner and drinks. I hang our for a while more, then I join the gang at the sushi bar, then head back to the room for new Sopranos and some blog work to end the evening.

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