Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day Off in Chicago

Rudely awakened at 7:30am. We're at the hotel and somebody's yelling for everyone to get off the bus, because it has to leave – it can't park at the hotel. That's funny, because when I look out my room window 15 minutes later, I watch the driver park it 200 feet away from where we were thrown out. Asshole…

The temperature here never gets above 46 degrees today. I spend a couple of hours walking around this part of the downtown area. Park it at Starbucks for awhile.

My friend Evie's out of town, on the road this week with some metal band. She's a masseuse and does merch, too. I've got a couple of other folks I could (and should) call, but I don't think I'd be very good company today.

Not really in the mood to do much. When I make it back to the hotel, I hit the bar in the lobby. Have a few beers - $6.00 a pop for Budweiser – Ouch! Order a fruit and cheese plate ($16.00 – double ouch…) and take it up to my room for dinner.

So much for any kind of fun today.

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