Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day Off in Philadelphia

Rudely awakened at 4:27am when we arrive at the hotel. I'd gone to sleep around 2:15 after the gig in Baltimore, so I was more than a bit groggy. The buses can't park at the hotel, so everybody has to get off and go to their rooms. This sucks.

Finally get back in bed just after 5am and sleep until 9:30. Read the paper and hang in the room for awhile. Work for a bit, shower, then head over to South Street to people watch and hit the Starbucks for late light lunch.

I hit a couple of shops on the way back to the hotel and buy some cards and other stuff.

Make and take a few phone calls in my room, then head down to the bar around 5:15 for a couple of beers. Going to dinner with Bob Fontenot around 6. We're going to Bookbinder's, right behind the hotel. It's an excellent seafood restaurant. He doesn't drink, I have 2 Buds, and the tab comes to just under $90 before the tip. But it was good…

Back in my room a little after 8. Watch some TV, websurf, and blog….

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