Friday, September 21, 2007

Travel Day to Los Angeles

Man, my damn head hurt this morning. Went to dinner last night with Foy & Terry and Jeff & Kim. It was my traditional last-night-in-town-dinner at Mitch's Tavern, which would have been fine if Foy, Terry, and I had not gone to the PR afterwards and sat at the bar until stupid o'clock.

So even though I felt like ass, I figured I'd be just fine to make my 2:35 flight this afternoon. Only one problem, the flight got cancelled and Deb (travel agent) managed to get me a seat on the 12:55 instead. So suddenly, I lost nearly 2 hours of my day and had to go into rush mode.

Made the flight, but the whole way down to Charlotte (to connect), I thought I was gonna hurl.

Because of the earlier flight, I wound up with a layover in Charlotte of nearly 3 hours. I didn't really mind, because Charlotte has a pretty decent airport. After some good old greasy pizza from the California Pizza Kitchen, I felt much better.

The next flight, to LAX, was direct, putting me on the ground about 7pm LA time. Grabbed a shuttle over to the Westin nearby and dropped my stuff in the room. Made plans to meet up with Blaine downstairs to grab some dinner.

While I was waiting for him to come down, I got a phone call from my buddy Shabba, who's out tour managing Daughtry. He was in Melbourne, Australia, where we're flying to tomorrow. Made plans to hook up with him once we got there. He said he had a couple of projects coming up after the first of the year, both of which he'd need a tour accountant for.

I’m starting to think that next year might be pretty busy for me.

Darren (security) and Adam (videographer) showed up just before Blaine came down, and the four of us had a damn good meal in the hotel's restaurant. Nobody was in much of a mood to do anything, and there really wasn't anything nearby, so back to the room by about 10. Fine by me, because I was pretty tired.

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