Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flying to Australia

Because we're crossing the International Time Line en route, I don't really even get a Sunday. We left LA just before midnight Saturday night, then have a 15-plus hour flight with a 17-hour time change forward, landing in Melbourne at 7:55am on Monday morning. Crazy!

Had a killer dinner about an hour after takeoff, then I finally went to sleep just before 2am. Wide awake 2 hours later and that was it for me, sleepwise.

I watched "Ocean's Thirteen" twice, then listened to some music, including the latest Amy Winehouse CD. She's got some pretty cool music, but is a total trainwreck of a person. I had hoped to see her play in Chicago when I had a couple of days off there back in early August, but couldn't get down to the Lollapalooza festival site in time that day. I did get to see her in the lobby of our hotel because she was staying there, too. She might just be the skinniest little thing I've ever seen. Her hair weighs more than she does.

So anyway, after some tunes, I watched another movie, the Mandy Moore flick "License To Wed". Robin Williams did some funny stuff, but I sure wish you could find his off-switch sometimes. Besides, it's all about Mandy, not Robin.

They served breakfast around 6am – I had scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms, with some fruit and yogurt. Probably the best breakfast I've ever had on a plane…

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