Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Day Off at Home

Got a call from my buddy Steve this afternoon. Confirmed my next gig, which starts Janurary 1st. Looks like I'm gonna be going to Australia and Japan with Rage Against The Machine.

How's this for funny? In the nearly 20 years I've been in the biz, I've never been to Australia. All of a sudden, I have 2 tours there, 3 months apart, with 2 different artists. Technically, they're back-to-back. I'm done with the Josh tour for this year as of our return to the States on October 19th, then I have 10 weeks off, then I go out with Rage. Pretty cool.

Rage doesn't have many confirmed dates next year as yet, which is good, because I'm going to South Africa with the Josh tour in March. Right now, I may be with Rage for only 6 weeks. We'll see.

Here's what 708 Kimbrough is looking like today:

Teardown, schmeardown.

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