Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Travel Day to Birmingham

Up at 8am. Joined Wally for breakfast. Amazing. Best breakfast of the tour. Can you say shrimp?

We had a noon flight to Birmingham. Had to go through 2 different security x-ray checkpoints, then ride a bus way the hell across the airport property to get to our plane. Since we were booked as a group, we got fucked yet again. I wound up in a middle seat, which I hate.

Dropped bags at the hotel (The Malmaison), then Blaine, Ivan, Dale (stylist), and I went in search of food. Found a bunch of cool restaurants behind the hotel along the canal. Wound up at a Thai/Chinese/Malaysian place. Hungarian waitress was totally cool and a hottie to boot.

Click to enlarge.

Another shot from up above the canal dining area:

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After lunch, we took a walk to Starbucks, which was in the middle of the shopping district. Lots to do around here. We eventually found 4 Starbucks locations within just a few blocks.

Around 7, met Wally, Ivan, Blaine and Lucia (violinist) at Shakespeare's Pub for a few pints. They didn't have Boddington's, but the bartender recommended Worthington's to me. Had the same beautiful pour as a Boddington's – you know what I'm talking about if you've ever had one, if you haven't, you have no idea – and maybe, just maybe, it tasted even better. Gonna have to see if I can find these back home somewhere.

Lucia split after a few rounds. I think maybe she still wasn't 100% after a big night last night. The boys and I found a killer curry place a few blocks away in the party district. I had asked a local cop for a recommendation. He nailed it – we all agreed it was great.

Shot of our hotel on the way back home:
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A few more beers in the hotel bar and off to bed…

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