Friday, May 18, 2007

Show Day in Oslo, Norway

Ouch! Out too late, too many beers. Not a pretty was to start the day, but it was a helluva way to end one.

Met Blaine in the lobby for breakfast, which was quite the spread. A show runner picked us up around 9 and off we went to the venue.

Just another day at work. But at least work was in Norway today. Show 3 of 13 – kind of a short run for a European tour. I'll be back home in 3 weeks, porch-surfing.

Oh, yeah, forgot to talk about the toilet paper…

The paper in Reykjavik? Three on a scale of 1 to 10. Pretty crappy, pardon the pun. But the paper here in Oslo is even worse. I'll be nice and give it a 2. With a little more tensile strength, you could use it to buff out scratches in your car's finish. Seriously, if my beloved Angel Soft was $5 per roll back home and this stuff was free, I'd spend the dough.

But hey, if toilet paper is the only disappointing thing about touring Europe, life's not so bad, is it?

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