Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Show Day in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Not much to report today. I walked over to the venue around 11am this morning and never left the building until after the show.

There was no opening act, just Josh, so the show ended nice and early. I even walked out front and watched a song during the show. The crowd was very polite and very well dressed. Which you would think they would be – the tickets were $205 and $157 equivalent. The venue itself is called Laugardalshollin, and it's part of a large compound near downtown Reykjavik. The soccer stadium is here, the Olympic training facility is here, and a few other things. If you walk outside catering through a back door, you're in a hallway, which has floor-to-ceiling walls on one side overlooking the indoor track and field training center. Lots of young Olympic hopefuls are in there training while we're here.

I walked back to the hotel shortly before 11, then headed to the bar to join everybody. Only had a few beers – gotta get to bed at a reasonable time, so I can get up and go whale watching with some other folks in the morning.

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