Friday, April 17, 2009

Ossie's 40th Birthday

We celebrated Ossie's 40th tonight at El Rodeo Grill. Ossie is a great guy and he's my buddy Greg's partner at 3 Monkeys Amps, a killer guitar amp company based here in Raleigh. You can check them out here: 3 Monkeys Amps

A few photos from the dinner gathering:

The Amp Cake:

Ossie with his cake:

Me and Lisa:

Beth and me:

Jack and Beth:

Jeff and Kim:

Ossie with his Hannah Montana presents (evidently, he's a HUGE fan):

Paige and Ossie:

Paige with a birthday weapon:

Terry and Paige:

Ossie's coolest gift, the hot sauce bong, in simulated use:

Somehow, Amy and Ian managed to avoid having their pictures taken. Hmmm…suspicious of having their souls taken, maybe?

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