Friday, September 16, 2005

Travel Day to Vancouver

Finally, time to go back to work.

Up at 6:30, as I could use the extra time this morning. Don’t have time for a walk, but I decide to jump on the bike and pedal my ass up to Bruegger's for breakfast. Decide just to grab a bagel to stuff in my bag (in case the food on the flight sucks), and head off to Starbucks for a scone instead. Sit outside at 'Bucks and read a bit of the paper, enjoy a drink and m' scone.

Start back towards the house around 8:30. On the way there I take a nice tumble off the bike. Nothing extreme, no endo's, no headover's, just a tumble. It was actually kinda cool – it all happened in very slow motion. What a rush!

Fucked my left knee and shin up pretty good. By the time I get home, I've got a river of blood pouring down my leg. Ugh!

Try to clean it up. I'm pulling little bits of gravel out of these wild trench-like cuts that range from 2-4 inches in length. I've also completely taken the skin off of my knee in a spot about the size of a silver dollar.

But the fun part is getting in the shower and having the water hit the open wounds. YOWCH!!! Today's gonna be painful…

White Horse shows up right on time (like always) at 11. I'm off to the airport.

Nobody in the terminal – I'm though check-in and security in no time. Flying American today, terminal C, which means I'm having lunch at Maui Taco inside the terminal. Great food. Wish they'd open one up in Raleigh – for now, you have to be flying to eat there.

So after my love #10 burrito, served wet (with secret sauces and cheese piled on), I'm off to the gate.

Not good – my flight's delayed by an hour, and my layover in Dallas is an hour. Doesn't look like I'm gonna make my connector and it's the last flight out of Dallas heading to Vancouver for the day. Nice agent at the gate double books me on a flight to LAX, where I can take another flight to Vancouver. That would get me there after 11:30, 5 hours late, but hey, whatever.

Even worse, I'm in the back of the plane, so when we get to Dallas, I can't just jump off. After we land, it's excruciating to wait for all these "Carry-On Bag Fools" to get out of my way. Once I'm clear, I have to take the tram to another terminal and do a total OJ through the terminal, all the while hearing "Mr. Robert Davis, paging Mr. Robert Davis" over the intercom system.

The agents spot me running towards them from 2 gates away.

They're holding my luggage in case I don't show. I'm the last person getting on.

As I get on, there's our FOH guy, LD, and production manager all sitting in first class. Lo and behold, there's also an empty seat there. I sweet-talk 2 of the attendants, and they let me sit there. Happy, happy, joy, joy. The flight's almost 4 ½ hours long, and my knee is fucking killing me, so I could use the extra space to stretch out.

The food'll be better here, too.

And the beer'll be free.

Too bad I’m not drinking on the plane.

As we're approaching the airport in Vancouver, the view is spectacular. There's a low-lying cloudbank covering about half of the metropolitan area, with the mountains poking up through the cloud layer. Really hard to describe it, but it blows me away. These photos doesn't really do it justice:

Get through Immigrations and Customs without a hitch. Takes a while to get my bag, but it's soon loaded onto the bus and I'm hanging in the bar with a bunch of crew dudes. Seems we've got time to kill. Several crewmembers are getting hassled by the Immi's. One's accused of being a convicted armed robber. Two others were pointed out to security as having had a conversation about conducting terrorist activities (I kid you not!). The jackasses who pointed them out and said that shit about them did so after telling them they disapproved of the inappropriate language the two crew dudes were using. Needless to say, the two crew dudes told 'em to go fuck themselves, so the loser's DID tell security the bullshit story, after which my guys got jacked for about 2 hours.

We finally get everyone cleared after sitting there for about 4 hours and head to the hotel.

A few of us venture across the street for Chinese, then it's bedtime for my butt…

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