Friday, September 2, 2005

Day Off in Hamilton

Cool! The hotel's attached to a MASSIVE underground mall. Lots to do – shopping, eating, and MOVIES! YAY!

Repack my stuff – gotta make room for some stupid (work-related) stuff I've gotta take home with me.

Find a really cool grocery store in the underground. Buy some cheese, a loaf of bread, and an apple strudel. This'll be my lunch and dinner both today, and of course POPCORN at the movies.

I catch 2 today. Four Brothers, and Red Eye. Neither one's gonna win any awards, but it was a great way to waste a few hours. Never set foot outdoors today – strange – but everything I need is either in the hotel or in the mall.

End the night reading for a couple of hours and then websurfing. The situation in New Orleans is insane!

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