Sunday, September 4, 2005

Travel Day - Going Home!!!!!

Up at 6am – UGH!!! 9am flight, need to be there at 7am. Good thing the hotel's connected to the airport.

Mistake #1: Taking a goddamn early flight to begin with.

Mistake #2: Ask the hotel's desk clerk about Air Canada flights. He asks what my destination is. I tell him. He tells me the terminal right through the lobby doors is mine. OK.


After asking airport staff, I'm directed to Terminal 2. They tell me to jump onto one of the blue buses right outside the downstairs doors.

Mistake #3: Jumping onto one of the blue buses.

I wind up in the (very) distant employee parking lots. Turns out 95% of the blue buses are "Link" buses, linking the terminals. But the blue bus I jumped on is the employee shuttle. Shit! Ask the policeman/security guard/whateverthefuckheis guy standing in front of me where this damn thing is going just as we pull into the employee lot. He 'splains to me that I gotta to the yonder kiosk and wait for a bus that will take me to Terminal 2. Points it out to me – I confirm.

Mistake #4: Listening to that fucker.

Stand by the kiosk for about 20 minutes. Getting nervous. Left the hotel at the 2 hour mark for my international flight. It's now 9:30 and there are no goddamn buses in sight. A flight attendant parks her car nearby and walks over to my kiosk (that's right, I've been here 20 minutes, I've claimed it as my property). I politely inquire, she politely answers. I'm at the wrong kiosk. Gotta go………………………………there, to a Term 2 kiosk. OK, thanks

Make it 500 feet across the parking lot to the Term 2 kiosk. 3 minutes later a bus approaches, but it has an "Out of Service" message on the marquee. WTF???? The bus is empty. I confirm with the driver that the bus is, in fact, out of service. The dumb bitch has no idea when the next operational bus will be coming.


Another bus shows up. 10 minutes later I’m at my terminal.

Did I ever tell you? I HATE EARLY MORNING FLIGHTS!!!!!

OK. Rockstar hissy fit's over.

It wasn't all bad - the good news is that US Immigrations is all done here, which means that when I get to Raleigh I'll go straight off the plane to the baggage pickup area. Cool!

Land early in Raleigh at 10:30am. Great! Go home to dust, sweep and clean up. Hit the grocery store, have lunch, and then a nap.

I have a terrible headache all afternoon and evening. Have to cancel dinner/drinking plans with Paige. Don't know if it's residual caffeine-withdrawal headache or dehydration from flying on short sleep, but it SUCKS! Feel like crap.

Watch the NASCAR race. First ever Sunday night race. It's in Cali, and tomorrow's Labor Day, which 'splains that.

No shows until the 17th, so I probably won't have anything to write about until then.

Translation: I'll be doing shit you don't wanna know about…

Hell, check back anyway, maybe something'll be worth writing about.

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