Thursday, September 22, 2005

Show Day in Winnipeg

Trapped in another hockey arena all day today. This time the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Had to take a walk around 3pm. Walked a few blocks one way, then the other. Wound up going to Staples to buy some office supplies. Trying to use up my Canadian cash so I don't lose even more money exchanging it back to USD.

The band's jet had some sort of mechanical problem. They took off waaaay too late from LA to get here on time. They're supposed to be onstage at 9:15, but probably won't even be here until sometime around 10. Oops.

Today is Tom Robb's birthday. He's one of the 3 security dudes who travel with the band – there's also a venue security guy who travels with the crew. At the request of John Dolmayan (drummer), Justen the head caterer made Tom a big ol' PENIS CAKE!

John also had us buy about $100 worth of dildo's and gay porn for Tom. Ha!

I took a few photos tonight. Finally got a decent shot…

Because the band got here so late (9:50), they went on late and they came off very late (11:40, 40 minutes past curfew). We won't get to the border until around 3am, maybe 3:30. This particular crossing is where US Immigrations trains their people to be total assholes. We're all gonna get hauled off the buses and grilled. I've got one total dumbass on my bus who insists on smoking pot up to 5 miles from the border station. Can't do anything about him, he's one of the band's bitches.

Soooo, I hope we get through without Stupid Boy getting us all busted.

I'm gonna crawl in my bunk and pray that some type of miracle happens and they just let pass through.

Yeah, right.

Head out to the bus around 2.


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