Saturday, September 17, 2005

Show Day in Vanvouver

Couldn't sleep worth a crap last night. My leg is killing me. Every time I would move I'd get a sharp jolt of pain. Just having the damn bedsheets touch it would hurt. Hope it scabs up soon.

Finally get out of bed around 6:30. Get caught up on email. Hit the checkout, then walk to Starbucks with Joe Paradis. I'm on Decaf only these days. When I quit caffeine 2 weeks ago, I had a migraine for 3 days. It sucked!

Busy as hell today. First day back on the tour, and when we'd flown home from Toronto 2 weeks ago, I'd given all 4 bus drivers four times their normal amount of float to get them through the break. Meaning that all 4 of them are dumping 4 times the normal amount of receipts on me today.

I step outside during the afternoon to get a couple of photos of the mountains nearby. What a beautiful place this is.

Factoid: For any of you who didn't already know it, Vancouver is the Transvestite Prostitute Capital of North America. Just head on down to Granville Street and you can see for yourself.

Here's Crusty, one of our truck drivers:

There's a couch just outside our production office today. Looks like the Internet Café:

Second from the left is my buddy Shawn Sebastian. He's The Mars Volta's monitor engineer, and a fine feller, indeed.

I watch my usual 2 songs during our set, then get back to work. I stay in the production office until about 1:45, coming out just before we depart for Calgary, where we'll have a day off tomorrow.

Finally crash into my bunk a little after 3am…

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