Sunday, June 3, 2007

Show Day in Paris

Due to some bus parking and bus power issues here in Paris, I had to get off the bus at 2:40am when we got here. I had managed to squeeze in a little over two hours sleep in my bunk before being rousted and sent to my room. I found the room to be somewhere between 100 and 1000 degrees and the air conditioner was complete shit. No top sheet on the bed, just the type of comforter that would keep you alive down to say one million degrees below absolute zero. So, I laid down atop the bed and finally fell asleep around 4:30. My alarm went off promptly at 6:30, and off we go to another lovely day at work…

The catering today was probably the best of the entire tour.

But screw the French, anyway. Just for always being uppity.


Grumphreys said...

Bobby D, thanks for comin' out to the show last Friday. Great to see you as aways!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!

I just noticed I can leave you a comment here....duhhhh....

I also notice that you like to drink in Pubs, and guess what! I run the Josh Groban Corner Pub, located here:

And I have a thread there dedicated to YOU! You're quite popular... And I even made a POLL about you called: "Josh's Tour Accountant Bob is cool because he:..."

Har har har....

So come over and visit us (you may enter as 'guest' and lurk, but if you want to post you must register)... The cyber-beer is on me!

Oh...I like to write wacky satire, so check out my latest entry called "Top ways to get Josh to notice you!" in the "Louise's satire" folder.

Love your blog...I hope you are going to be with Josh on his summer tour... :-)


Anonymous said...

...where have you been?