Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Headin' Back To Raleigh

Didn’t see Jen this morning – she had an early flight back home to Nashville and had to split the hotel before I got rolling.

Had a leisurely breakfast with Dave and then did some CD and DVD shopping with him. I snagged the new Mandy Moore (I have a fixation on her, I'll admit it) and Dave bought some stuff that was much cheaper here than at home in England.

Eventually headed out to the airport for my 3:30 flight home to Raleigh. Dave's friend came and picked him up from the airport for the drive back down to DC. Guess I'll see Dave again in the fall, assuming we go to the UK again this year.

Got home to a job offer from Nickelback, which I had to turn down. Can't just bail out of a tour once you commit to it. And I committed to my current tour until early next year.

Oh, yeah, and it's nice to be home…

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