Friday, February 24, 2006

Travel Day to Chicago

I managed to get my butt on the plane today. I am sooo glad I didn't fly 3 days ago. It probably would have killed me.

Got on the ground in Chicago around noon, then it took over an hour for everyone's bags to come in from the plane.

Cab to the hotel to check in before walking over to the venue. Well, except that my room isn't ready. It's now a little after 1:30 – I can either sit here until it's ready (uh, that'll be hell no), or I can have them store my bags and walk on over.

The venue's a couple of blocks away. Chris has a table ready and waiting for me when I walk in, so I get to work.

An hour later, I get a dehydration/flying/still-sick headache so severe that I consider going to the hospital. I thought I was gonna pass out. Throughout the course of the day today, I'll drink nothing less that 2 gallons of water. I finally start to feel human again around 9pm.

Meet about a bajillion new folks today. I'll 'splain more about them later.

Rashod the tour manager comes in around dinnertime. Totally cool guy. Pretty sure we met in 2000 on the Britney Spears tour, when I was TM'ing BBMak. He gives me a lot of background on this tour and how things are gonna go. Sounds like I might enjoy this more than I thought.

I piddle around and get some more work done. Can only do so much before I receive the show contracts. Looks like I won't see those before tomorrow, so I just set up a bunch of other files.

Decent dinner in catering. I have some Portabello Ravioli, along with Greek Salad and some hummus with pita points.

This being a union building, we'll be out the door by midnight. We don't come back in tomorrow until 2pm, so I plan to get plenty of rest tonight.

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