Monday, February 27, 2006

And Again...

Another cush day. Up early and read a bit in my room. Have a muffin for breakfast. Grab a shower and head over to the venue at 11. Hope to finish my show files today so I can start on other stuff.

Great news today! We're hiring JT to come out and do the tour with us. Janet Taylor was our production assistant on System of a Down last year. She's the Queen! Best damn PA I've ever worked with. She's gonna do dressing rooms, help a little with wardrobe and help a little in the production office.

Suddenly, this tour just got a lot easier and a lot more fun!!!!

I bang out files most of the day. Hit the Staples store a block away around 8:30 to buy an adding machine and some other office stuff for the tour.

Work until midnight and then back to the hotel for some sleep. As usual, some of the crew guys are going out for beers, but I'm not ready to lose any sleep in the pursuit of malt-beverage-fueled fun. Maybe in a week or two...


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